Lowara unveils the new Sekamatik lifting station range

Lowara unveils the new Sekamatik lifting station range

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 — Xylem, a global water technology leader, is launching the new Lowara Sekamatik series, a complete range of wastewater lifting stations for the collection and pressurization of rain/clean/gray water and sewage for residential and commercial building applications. The smart design of the Sekamatik series makes them easy to install, even in tight spaces with several inlets and various dimensions available for different piping configurations. The Sekamatik series is an ideal drainage system solution for indoor installations, even in premises below the sewer backflow level.

“Water reuse and proper disposal are two important issues that consultants and plumbing professionals are faced with in today’s water constrained market,” said Matteo Cafiero, EMEA & APAC Senior Product Manager Residential, Xylem. “The Sekamatik series is a versatile system solution for a host of residential and commercial applications to collect and distribute water in an efficient manner.”

The Lowara Sekamatik series comes in six different product families covering 0.18 kilowatt (kW) up to 2x11.5 kW pumps, with a maximum tank capacity of 800 liters to suit gray and wastewater applications in residential and commercial buildings. Sekamatik series pumps are engineered to allow a safe and easy maintenance.

Sekamatik 10 – includes three different “behind the toilet” models: the 10E 8M, a lifting station for gray water collection and pressurization, and the 10E 7M, and 10E 15M – lifting stations with a macerator for sewage grinding, enabling easy installation even with small-dimensioned delivery pipes, which can be installed behind the toilet with minimum space requirements. All Sekamatik 10 stations can be connected to up to three sanitary units (toilets, sinks and showers) getting the most out of the available space.

Sekamatik 50 – wastewater lifting stations equipped with a compact tank and one or two grinder pumps. The Sekamatik 50 is designed for use in wastewater pumping from toilets, washbasins and showers below the sewer level, and can also accommodate buildings located in rural areas and hilly or rocky lands. Small dimensioned discharge pipes ensure a cost effective installation compared to traditional gravity systems.

Sekamatik 100 – compact lifting stations for wastewater pumping from toilets, washbasins and showers below the sewer level. Available in single- or twin-pump configurations for additional reliability and extended pump life, The Sekamatik 100 is equipped with a soft ball check valve integrated in the discharge port to prevent backflow and potential flooding.

Sekamatik 200 – a gray water disposal unit that includes an under-floor collection tank and an odor-tight cover plate with floor drain or tile frame. The unit is fitted with a non-return valve to prevent backflow, and both the frame and plate are adjustable in height and angle for the best fit at the floor level. Sekamatik 200 is ideal for wastewater collection from washbasins, washing machines, showers and bathtubs; it’s also designed for cellar dewatering below the sewer level and rainwater collecting tank in cellars, basements, baths and garages.

Sekamatik 300 – a range of wastewater lifting stations for the collection and pressurization of sewage and wastewater from medium and large buildings in the commercial sector. Sekamatik 300 stations are equipped with two pumps and are available in a single tank (300D) or twin tank configuration (300TD), offering large capacity capabilities despite its compact design. The station has various inlet ports for an easy installation and includes an integrated double soft-ball check valve on the delivery port to prevent backflow.   

Sekamatik 400/800 – large-capacity lifting stations for wastewater pumping from large commercial and public buildings, including schools and facilities where continuous operation is required. This range is available in three different configurations: one tank with one pump (E models), one tank with two pumps (D models), and two tanks in tandem configuration with one pump each (TD models). The 400/800 series is easy to maintain due to flexible connections of the dry installed pumps to the tank.

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