FAM launches the next generation of the SureSet cutting head technology for higher product quality, less waste, and higher cost efficiency

FAM launches the next generation of the SureSet cutting head technology for higher product quality, less waste, and higher cost efficiency

Introducing the FAM SureSet Stone Defender

FAM, a leading manufacturer of industrial cutting machines for the food industry, launches its next generation of SureSet cutting heads. The superiority of the FAM SureSet Stone Defender is the result of continuous improvements carried out by R&D on existing SureSet technology. The results are higher product quality, less waste, a lower total cost of ownership and a more operator-friendliness. FAM also added an active crash protection system: the Stone Defender.

Several years ago, FAM started a revolution with the introduction of centrifugal slicing and shredding technology. Following years of continuous improvements, FAM is now launching the next generation of SureSet cutting heads, once again claiming a spot as proven technology leader: FAM SureSet Stone Defender.

What’s in a name?

In response to customer feedback, FAM has also introduced a new feature to the SureSet system: ‘stone defender’. The integrated system acts as an active crash protection system. There are a number of clear benefits:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with the highest savings (based on scrap reduction) and the best product quality.
  • The impact of foreign material is shifted to the blade and the clamp only. Foreign materials will no longer damage critical components of the cutting head, further reducing the TCO.
  • Further improved cutting head features from the first generation of SureSet cutting heads that lead to significantly increased end-product quality.
  • Incorporation of a quick knife change-over feature. There is no need to take the clamp off the segment.
  • There is no need to use slice thickness inserts.

Proven technology

The SureSet cutting technology is a proven technology; it has been tested, used and optimized over the years. Four major elements illustrate the superior technology:

  1. A higher product quality is demonstrated by higher slicing accuracy, resulting in a better product. This means fewer tapered cuts and thus fewer burned edges. A smoother cut gives a more uniform color to the chips. This also leads to higher fryer stability: less energy consumption and less operator handling, delivering a better end-product. Another facet is the scrap reduction, providing a higher yield and that saves time, resources and money. The third benefit is the starch reduction, which results in savings once again. And last but not least: improved oil uptake control.
  2. FAM has made the product more operator-friendly by introducing a light weight cutting head. Another improvement is that no gauge is needed; the micro-adjustments can be performed in an effortless manner. There is almost no product build-up between knife/segment and knife/clamp. This makes the cutting head easy to clean and does not require cleaning between blade changes.
  3. The high alloy stainless steel knife guarantees a blade with a life of up to 16 hours when used in a continuous line. The effective sandgates better protect the blades from foreign material. All this raises the cost efficiency to new heights.
  4. Worldwide, FAM has proven the value of SureSet technology with leading potato chips producers by means of scientifically driven Performance Trials, benchmarking against the latest technology on the market.


About FAM NV

FAM focusses on the development of industrial cutting machines for the food industry. We provide customers with the solutions they need for the cutting, slicing and dicing of fruit, vegetables & nuts, cheese, meat & poultry, fish, potato chips and French fries. Over the past 60 years, we have established a long-lasting close cooperation with highly reliable influential companies, customers and partners in the industrial food processing market. We are present in all continents, with customers experience centers, stocks and service. A big contributing factor to our quality is the close partnership we have with our sister company Stumabo International, manufacturer of precision knives for the food industry. Our combined knowledge of the key issues faced by the food industry allows us to present you with those exact innovations and revolutions that you have been looking for.

More information on www.fam.be and www.fam-stumabo.com

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